Another Side

Last weekend I shot with some beautifully talented friends of mine, each working towards their own amazing projects. If there is one thing I can appreciate, it’s when friends from different fields can band together to create something great. Here is a bit on an insight into the end product.


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A little bit about the artists:

Photographer/artist: Jessica Ashley Unknown is an incredibly talented, film-based photography artist bringing her creative mind to life through a plastic or vintage lens. She uses film manipulation, multiple exposures, film scanning techniques and experimentation with other mediums to create the stunning, dream-like effect evoked throughout her images.

Visit her blog for more incredible images, prints and bookings:

Stylist/Floral designer:  Adelaide (Zingara Blooms) is a master in creativity and design. Using her keen eye for style to create amazing floral arrangements and statement pieces, perfect for special occasions.

Visit her Facebook page for orders and bookings:

If you like the outfits pictured below, Adelaide is also working on new fashion project called gathering a unique collection of clothing and accessories for an online shop.  Visit for details.


One comment

  1. Lana · March 21, 2015

    They’re all sooo pretty!


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