Finding The Perfect Shoe For You- #FreeToBe

We all are looking for that perfect pair of shoes that will help us get the most out of training and help keep us injury free.

I have put the latest range of Nike Free’s to the test to help you find the right fit for your workout.


NIKE FREE TR 5 FLYKNIT – for Training

If circuit training and HIIT are your thing, then you can’t go passed these babies!

The Nike Free TR 5 Flyknit’s design is based on the fundamental movements from all walks of training, from circuits and weightlifting to group fitness classes and boot camps. Each feature of the shoe helps enable natural movement, supporting you all the way through your workout.
The sole includes hexagonal flex grooves that support multidirectional movement. Each groove permits the shoe to flex and follow the movement of the foot; rubber pods on the outsole lend added traction and stability where needed for popular training moves: the toe (i.e., mountain climbers), the side (side plank) and the heel (lunges).
The shoe fits like a glove and provides a great springy foundation for those plyometric moves I love so much!
Is running your jam? Then this shoe is for you!
I am in love with the sock like design of this shoe, it is incredibly comfortable and stretches with the foots natural arch when running.
The Flyknit’s sole allows the foot to sit close to the ground and move as nature intended. The extra bulky support of most running shoes takes away the foots capacity to work and strengthen itself to help you achieve that natural stride on and off the track. The hexagonal flex grooves on the outsole of Nike Free running shoes provide a fuller range of motion, letting the foot adapt to the ground, while the Phylite foam offers lightweight cushioning.
These will give you that light, springy feeling every time you run!
These are your shoes for work and play. If you’re like me, and always on your feet, then these shoes are great.
Constructed of breathable mesh reinforced with Nike Flywire, the upper allows for seamless flexibility, ventilation and a secure fit. The cute ankle cutouts help keep them light and fresh, with a built in sleeve which allows you to slip them on and off with ease!
Working, shopping, lunch dates: I wear them just about everywhere. They are so cute and compact that they will suit most outfits and will let you get through your day without tired and aching feet.
 So which shoe is your perfect fit? How do you find your #FreeToBe moment?

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