About Me

My Name is Tanya Poppett

I am a Fitness Instructor from Wollongong, Australia and I have a love and passion for fitness and health that I would like to share with you.

This blog will provide you with a bit of insight into how you can incorporate health and fitness into your busy lifestyle, with fitness tips, workout ideas, nutrition advice and healthy recipes.


  1. Nicole · December 2, 2014

    Hello Tanya! I found your blog off you Instagram page. Love your workout videos! I am a beginner and pretty much clueless when it comes down to being healthy and feeling/looking great. Any suggestions or feedback from when you started your training workouts? What made you want to start this journey to living a healthy life? Thanks for your time!

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  2. Makayla · December 22, 2014

    hey Tanya,

    I follow your instagram and your workouts are killers I love them. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a blog with all the different workouts as I save the list but forget what the exercise is. Hopefully this isn’t confusing, I understand if you cant!


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  3. Freda · January 7, 2015

    Hi Tanya

    I’m so inspired by your Instagram! I workout to your videos every morning and love your combination moves! So I and dropped by your blog to see what you might have written about. First of all thank you! You’re truly inspiring.

    Your mentions about guilt really struck a cord and I’d like to know how you got over it. I am trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and workout pretty much every single day (I practice active rest with a few laps around the pool and adult ballet lessons on weekends). In about 6 months I’ve lost about 5kg and am struggling to get the last 3kg off. I find it toughest when it comes to food. As my job is rather stressful I find myself craving forbidden food almost everyday after work and increasingly I’m finding that I am unable to fight off that urge. While I don’t binge as much as I am used to, I still cave in to cravings and have that plate of fries or that bag of chips and that leaves me so guilty I lose sleep over it. But I can’t seem to find a balance. I stopped counting calories but still can’t help but obsessively weigh myself every time I’ve “sinned.”

    I know all the science behind healthy diets but just can’t seem to stay on track. I wish someone would be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong. I have incorporated healthy fats like natural peanut only peanut butter and I have Greek yogurt n salads for lunch I have whey protein shakes complex carbs I would usually have sweet potatoes and fruits. I’m fine throughout the day and then fall at night. Its so frustrating and I can’t help but blame my lack of self restraint and determination for it. I feel so depressed over this lack of will power it’s not funny.

    I just thought I would drop you a note and seek your advice.

    Thanks so much for your videos, I look forward to more!


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    • tanyapoppett · March 11, 2015

      Hi Freda,

      It sounds to me that you are doing a great job! It is important not to give those ‘naughty’ foods too much power, otherwise they will win every time! It is ok to indulge in things like chips and chocolate every now and again….If I go out to the pub for dinner, you can guarantee that I am going to get chips as my side! It’s just a matter letting yourself enjoy these treats without the guilt and of course eating them in moderation.

      Another issue is that you may not be eating enough during the day, making you crave foods late at night. I eat at least 3 moderate snacks a day on top of my meals.

      What also helps is to plan a snack that you eat after work each day (like a healthy smoothie or peanut butter toast) and be mindful when eating it. That way you know what you are going to eat when you get home and you won’t be lured in by junk food.

      I hope this helps 🙂

      And thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you like the vids! x


  4. katie · February 5, 2015

    Hi Tanya,
    I’ve been following your instagram for a while now and I absolutely love your videos! They’re killer! I’ve transitioned to a healthier lifestyle about two years ago but right now I’m sort of stuck. I have no problem with working out because I usually have soccer everyday and if I don’t I’ll go run or lift weights and do a couple of your videos. The only problem is when I see someone has a certain unhealthy food I start to crave it and sometimes I just can’t resist. Then when I get home from school I eat like a whole meal instead of a small snack before dinner!

    If possible, could you make a meal plan of what you eat in a day or week?

    Thanks so much!


    • tanyapoppett · March 11, 2015

      Hi Katie,

      I totally used to do the same thing! and sometimes still do it. I usually find it is on days where I don’t pack enough lunch or I am stressed about something. What helps is to plan a snack that you eat after school each day (like a healthy smoothie or peanut butter toast) and be mindful when eating it. That way you won’t have to do too much looking around in the kitchen and eat everything in sight.

      I personally don’t really like meal plans. People have so many different requirements when it comes to food which is very much determined by our unique lifestyles. So it is difficult to provide a blanket solution that will suit everyone.

      I will try and do a blog post on what I eat in a day to give you a rough idea though 🙂

      I will keep you posted!

      Tanya x


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