Full Body Fat Burning Workout


This workout is such a quick and effective way to burn fat and tone muscles whilst also improving strength, power and coordination. It is combines both strength and cardio for full body intensity to condition the heart and elevate that metabolism!

Added bonus; it requires minimal space and no equipment!

Here is a description of each of the exercises.

Note: that last move is a beginner modification for the first move.


Set Details

Perform each move for 30 seconds. Complete 4 sets with a 1 minute rest in between each set.



Wide to Narrow Squat Jump

Wide Squat Jump. Feet about 45 Degrees apart

Wide Squat Jump. Feet about 45 Degrees apart

Narrow Squat Jump. Feet 90 degrees.

Narrow Squat Jump. Feet 90 degrees.


Feet start in a wide, sumo squat stance, with toes pointed outwards at a 45 degree angle (or whatever feels comfortable for you). Jump up, bending through the knees and lifting up through the toes. Whilst in the air you need to position your legs and hips in to a regular squat position (knees slightly bent, hip width apart with toes at a 90 degree angle).

When performing plyometric (or jumping) exercises it is important to stay on your toes and land as lightly as possible. When landing you need to bend at the knees in a fluid motion (no jarring!) in order to disperse the impact and prevent injury. Core should be engaged throughout (lifting up through the pelvis).

Beginner modification: See last move in clip

Similar to the first move, however a jump is added in between each position to allow you to set for the next position. (it requires less power and speed)



Plank Jack Burpee

Full plank position

Full plank position

Feet apart (Plank Jack)

Feet apart (Plank Jack)


Begin in full plank position. Jump feet so they are hip width apart and back into plank position. Then jump feet in towards your hands and up into standing position.

It is important to really focus on keeping that core in tight throughout, in order to support that lower back. Do not let those hips drop and avoid rounding at the shoulders.



Spiderman Push-up 

Full plank position

Full plank position

Knees to elbow.

Knees to elbow.


Beginners may perform this move with hands up against a wall or a bench or without the pushup (knee to elbow plank).

Start in full plank position. Bring your knee towards your elbow, whilst bringing your chest towards the ground. Pushup back to plank position.

Keep those hips lifted throughout. If your back does not feel supported, revert to beginner modifications.



Side Step Taps

photo 4

Take 3 side steps

Knee slightly bent. Push off the inside leg

Knee slightly bent. Push off the inside leg


Side gallop for three counts one side pushing off the outside the leg (with knee slightly bent) and back to the other.

Watch out for twisting at the knee joint, land lightly on the knees and keep them slightly bent.


Happy Sweating 🙂



  1. Rachael · October 4, 2014

    What app do you use to make your workout videos! Your instagram account has really inspired me and I wouled love to post videos, I am just having troubles with what one to use!

    Thank you!!


    • tanyapoppett · October 4, 2014

      Hi Rachel, I was using the free app “splice” but they changed it and reduced the quality. I now use ‘Videoshop” which costs but it is easy to use…. not as good as splice was though 😦


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