Diet Myths Busted


There is so much conflicting information out there telling us what we should eat and shouldn’t eat. Some of it’s legit and other’s are just marketing ploys.

So I thought I would clear up a few Diet Myths that personally tick me off.

Myth- eat low fat foods for weight loss:

Diets low in fat will leave you feeling tired, hungry and craving sugar!

One thing that I cannot stress enough is how important good fats are in your diet! Fats such as Omega 3 and monounsaturated are the best kind and are found in foods such as salmon, eggs, avocado, raw olive oil and coconut oil. These fats are important for nutrient absorption, hormone balance, immunity, thyroid function (the gland in charge of regulating your metabolism) and overall well-being.

In saying there are still some fats you need to be wary of. Animal fats, man made fats, hydrogenated fats (margarine, vegetable oil, cooked olive oil) can all have a negative affect on your body’s health and may impede the function of the healthy fats mentioned above.

Myth- low calorie/ ‘diet’ foods are the best for weight loss:

Just because an item says sugar-free or diet on the package does not always mean that it is healthy. These products are often instead packed with artificial sweetener and chemicals…which are in fact worst for you! Sure, artificial sweeteners have zero calories BUT they are so much sweeter than real sugar which as you can imagine confuses the hell out of your body! When you eat something sweet, your body expects the calories to follow….but when they don’t come your body feels deprived and goes searching for it later (resulting in a late night sugar binge). Now I am not telling you to go eat a big bag of jelly beans and gorge yourself on Tim Tams… I am just suggesting that you don’t choose your foods based on their calorie count…. For example if you had to choose between a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a zero calorie fruit drink …. I am sure you can guess which one I would be choosing. Count nutrients not calories!

Myth- all herbal teas are bad for you-

Though herbal teas and teatoxes alone will not help you lose weight, they aren’t the evil products they are made out to be. Teas made from natural organic ingredients can do wonders for improving your overall health and wellbeing. Not only do they improve digestion, aid bloating and boost your daily antioxidants…. the act of enjoying a delicious cuppa is also great for the soul with it’s relaxation and therapeutic qualities.

Side Notes ~

Do not use teas as a single means for weight loss.

Avoid teas with additives and diuretics.

Myth– salt is evil:

Yes a diet high in salt is bad for your arteries and increases your risk of hypertension, stroke etc..BUT a diet low in salts isn’t great either. Salts contain a lot of essential minerals in which our body needs for efficient functioning. This includes a great little substance called IODINE! Iodine is an important mineral that helps prevent thyroid related issues and intern helps regulate your metabolism.

Now before you start reaching for that ketchup bottle let me clear a few things up.

The processed foods we buy are definitely too high in salt and aren’t usually good sources of the minerals I am talking about. I am just letting you know that it not always necessary to shy away from the salt shaker when preparing home cooked meals. Keep a shaker of Iodised salt or natural sea salt in the cupboard and sprinkle a little to season your home cooked dishes.

Myth- Diets and meal plans will work for everyone. 

We humans are complex creatures. We come in different shapes and sizes and we all lead different lifestyles with different beliefs and very different ideals.

As a result our bodies have adapted in their own unique way and may have completely different dietary needs to that of the person next to you. A good example of this are the food intolerances and allergies that are beginning to develop around the western world.

Other factors that affect our daily dietary requirements include;

  • Activity level
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Body structure
  • Health conditions

For me this is enough to turn me off any meal plan that hasn’t been specially designed for me and my lifestyle.

Different things will work for different people. What I aim to do is eat as healthy as I can without negotiating a little indulgence  every now and again. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied (most of the time…..).

The ideal diet for me is healthy, nourishing and not too restrictive.

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